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Misconceptions About Accident Lawsuits

Vancouver Accident Lawsuits

When you are involved in an accident, everyone wants to give you advice. Some will tell you their embellished horror stories, and most people will provide you with inaccurate information. To get the truth about accident lawsuits, and all that they entail, it is best to contact a Vancouver accident lawsuit lawyer. The lawyer will be able to offer professional advice, and answer any questions you may pose.

Common Misconceptions about Accident Lawsuits in Vancouver

  • I don’t need an attorney: I can just pursue my claims on my own: Any type of litigation that involves insurance companies and financial settlements will have a great number of factors to consider. It can be hard for one person to keep it all in perspective. Additionally it can be hard for you to know exactly how much money you deserve. The experience of a Vancouver accident lawyer is what you need to make sure you are properly compensated.
  • Lawsuits take too long and it’s not worth the fight: Most accident settlements happen out of court. If you have a great attorney you can settle without the need for litigation.
  • An accident lawsuit in Vancouver will cost me too much money in legal fees: In accident lawsuits, most lawyers operate on a contingency, meaning they do not get paid unless you win a settlement. There may be some expenses that you will have to work out during your initial meeting with your Vancouver accident attorney.
  • The accident may have been my fault so I shouldn’t file a lawsuit: Never admit to anyone other than your accident attorney that you were at fault for an accident. Even if you suspect you are at fault, you can still seek damages for the negligence of the other party.
  • I can settle with the insurance company and then seek more compensation later: This is not the case. Once you accept a settlement from an insurance agency they are no longer responsible for any further expenses related to the accident.
  • All accident courses are settled out of court: Although a majority of accident cases are settled outside of the courtroom, a number of them do proceed to trial. When this is the case you want to be sure you have the best possible Vancouver accident attorney on your side.

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